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Welcome to my Graphics Journal
Hi everyone !
I finally decided to create my own graphics journal. Feel free to add this journal to your flists.
1. When you take some of my icons, please upload them to your own server. There are a lot of free imagehosts out there and uploading doesn`t take that long. You can use: www.imageshack.us www.picpile.com or www.photobucket.com and I am sure that there are many more

2. Comments are always great. I`d really love to know what you like. That makes it easier to keep the whole iconmaking going :)

3. Credit is great and if you want to credit, credit tinkerfairy or creativecircle

4. If you want to friend this journal feel free to do that. All of the posts here will be public :)
Credits and Requests

Credits can be found here
I'm sorry if I missed some one
If you notice that I'm using one of your brushes, gradients, textures, pics or whatever let me know and I'll add you here.

This journal is also open for requests. If you find something you like and want me to make something for you, just leave a comment here and I will get back to you as fast as possible depending on how busy rl is at the moment. But I will for sure get back to you :D

more credits in my memories

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